2024 Artists


Brian Korteling is a visual artist and curator based in Norwich, Norfolk. His work examines interpretations of reality, often distorting and dissecting the visual field in the process. He has received awards for both 3D work and painting and has curated many shows in and around Norwich.



Daniel Brown is a fine artist with experience in graphic design and digital art. His work attempts to capture moments of an unseen world, aiming to convey the majesty of the sub atomic. Exploring concepts of time, the absurdity of reality, dimensions and the big one…. consciousness. A love of urban art and symbolism has been a great influence in Daniel’s work, resulting in a varied and arresting style. “The aesthetic is very important but the style comes second to the concept.”


Elizabeth Reed is an artist living and painting in Wymondham, Norfolk. Her love of gardens and the countryside are often depicted in her paintings and she has exhibited widely across East Anglia, London and the Home Counties.


“Teather’s works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.”
Neil Powell, Academic & writer for Wall Street International



“Heart-warming, rainbow-inspired paintings are helping Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital patients along the path to good health, in an exhibition featuring work by Gresham-based artist and therapist Hannah Hardy.”

You are welcome to find out more about my practice at:



Claire Oxley’s work is distinctive by its colour intensity and rhythmic mark making. Taking inspiration from surrounding landscapes, her starting point is often the passing seasons and wide, changing moods of her East Anglian home. ‘I make paintings that chart and describe the seasons, skies, seas, moons, fields and foliage of the area: canvases of energy and flux. These are works that are felt and heard as much as seen, stirring memories and experiences from these vast counties. Unexpected colour combinations stimulate, and bring energy to interior spaces.’ She is, above everything, a composer of colour.



I am a contemporary artist based in Suffolk, my inspiration
for my work is the landscape and seascape of East Anglia I
regularly walk the countryside taking in the colours and
movements in nature. I work in oils which I enjoy blending
directly on to paper or canvas I feel my work shows high
energy and a fearless approach.
I have shown my work all over East Anglia with solo
exhibitions, in gallery space or group shows which I have


Helen Ivory is a poet and visual artist who makes mixed-media shadowboxes and collages from foraged sources and cut up text. She edits the webzine Ink Sweat and Tears and teaches creative writing online for the University of East Anglia/National Centre for Writing Academy. Her chapbook  Maps of the Abandoned City was published by  SurVision in 2019.  She has work translated into Polish, Ukrainian, Croatian, Spanish and Greek as part of the Versopolis European poetry platform. Her Wunderkammer: New and Selected Poems appeared from MadHat Press in the US last year. Constructing a Witch, her sixth collection of poems with Bloodaxe, will be published in October.  It focusses on the monstering and othering of women, and contains a handful of witchy  collage/poems. 


I am an acrylic expressionistic artist with a studio in the village of Worthing near Dereham. I have exhibited many times in the Forum in Norwich and particularly enjoy showing my work at the Spring Art Show. I regularly participate in Norfolk Open Studios and enjoy showing visitors my dynamic and colourful artwork. I would describe my paintings as ” a combination of a very colourful palette with detailed expressionistic studies of natural and imagined forms”


In my practice I employ a number of different mediums – painting, printmaking and photography– to explore diverse natural landscapes and their atmospheres, configurations, and changing forms. I have made work within, and in relation to deserts and other extreme conditions such as storm-stressed plains and fields, and am currently developing landscapes and seascapes in which the erratic climate and coastline of Norfolk plays a central role. My concern is not only with the look of a particular place, but with the marks, lines, colours and composition of the individual work. I have exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad, and am a member of the artist group Land2.   



An artist living and working in Norfolk, Chris Giles produces works in a variety of mediums and styles ranging from Contemporary works and figurative paintings to impressionist landscapes in oils and acrylics. Chris says his recent abstract works have evolved through hours of experimentation and his
instinctive habit to explore, develop and improve. From the original chaotic colors, shapes and structure, chris starts to sharpen and highlight areas within the painting.. and the surreal fantasy journey begins.
“These works invite the viewer to enter a world of semi-tamed chaos and write their own story”.


Alison studied illustration and children’s book illustration at Cambridge School of Art.Where she specialised in printmaking and painting.

Since then she has sold illustrations, paintings and hand made prints in Australia, France, Italy and the UK. 

She now specialises in Paintings inspired by the North Norfolk landscape as well as Portraits and studies of the human figure.


A Norwich-based figurative artist, Liz Monahan draws inspiration from her own life and the people around her. She is also hugely influenced by photography, particularly family photos and randomly found images on social media. Working roughly from this source material, Liz plays with colour and composition, and often introduces distortion and exaggeration to give her depictions of people a psychological and emotional edge. Liz holds an MA in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts and has won several prizes for her work. As well as exhibiting, Liz tutors art classes across the region. She also mentors other artists. 



I am inspired by artistic photography and combining it with
digital painting as a medium of self-expression, presenting my
work on paper or canvas. Printing for me is a state of art process. I produce Bespoke Authentic pictures using Geclee printing and
highest quality archive materials.  The art creation process for me
is mindfulness, which I hope comes across in my pictures.
My picture portfolios have been published in several books
and magazines. I have exhibited my work solo and as part of
different groups for more than ten years. At the RHS art and
photography Show in London I was awarded a bronze medal.



John Sparks is a self-taught figurative artist. John’s intimate and introspective works deal with themes of transformation. Primarily using oil on canvas board, he creates images with a sense of yearning that is almost darkly nostalgic. With the innate instinct of a great cinematographer, his muted and restrained colour palettes allow space for an inclination toward existential contemplation


Julia Tooley is a self-taught Norfolk-based artist. Painting in gouache, she chooses subjects that evoke a sense of positivity and happiness and aims to capture those details which ultimately bring joy to the viewer. From the enchanting reflections dancing on glass or ceramic surfaces to the intricate textures found in delicious food, her art is a celebration of life’s delightful details.



Danielle uses the process of Cyanotype, a simple photographic process using sunlight to create a distinctive Cyan blue and white image.  Seeking inspiration from the Norfolk countryside and coastline, incorporating living artefacts- plants and found objects – from within it.  Continually experimenting with different compositions, such as layering the plants and trying to imitate how they grow naturally or playing with how the chemicals themselves are painted onto the paper. 



I have been working with locally dug clay to make vessels decorated with a sense of movement and dance, to give a sense of life coming ‘from

the earth’ . This could be through the literal representation of dancers or by aiming to show the life and movement in particular trees. I currently teach at Wymondham College and trained in Fine Art during the 1980s at Bristol Poly and the Royal Academy Schools.


Within Anna Boon’s she captures the ethereal beauty and movement of the figure. Many of the sculptures are made, unusually, from recycled fabrics hardened, then patenated in metal effects. Others are cold cast in a variety of metal resins as limited editions.



Bungay artist Paul Zawadzki is inspired by a love of the Waveney Valley and the uncompromising coastline at Covehithe and Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast. Recently completing Masters in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, Paul mainly paints in oils on canvas, board or sheet metal, and is investigating the use of natural materials like earth and rust in his work in order to capture the texture and spirit of the landscape. With a love of spontaneity, he enthusiastically embraces the ‘happy accident’, using dripping, blotting and splashing paint while retaining an element of traditional landscape painting.



Ben Kendall is a self-taught contemporary painter based in Norwich. He is best known for his coastal landscapes, but also creates cityscapes and still life work in his recognisable semi-abstract style. He was shortlisted for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize in 2023.



French Artist… now British Artist from 1998!

Illustration, drawings, using mixed media.

Now digital Art: Manipulation of my own drawings and photography.



Lauren “Pinch” Pincher (b.1996) is a self-taught fine artist based in Norwich, UK.
Initially educated in Architecture, they re-discovered their passion for Fine Art and incorporated the two to focus on colourful interpretations of the built environment, and successfully launched PinchPaints as a full-time business in October 2022.
Now, looking deeper into the art itself, Pinch researches both how connection to The Self as well as physical surroundings impacts and anchors people in order to investigate the meaning of “Home”.



I am a local artist with a background in painting wildlife and the human figure in acrylic paint.
I have been fortunate to have designs on animal sculptures for a local charity “ Break” along with commissions for “ Nuffield health” . My paintings are housed in “ The Norfolk Gallery” at Wroxham barns.
I am also extremely fortunate to be in my third year as an artist at the spring art show !


Stanley John (b. 1955 in Kent), now lives and works in Norfolk.

Working principally in watercolour and oils, he paints mostly from life. Observation and drawing underpins his work.  For Stanley, painting is an experience of being there – an appreciation of the changing atmosphere of the visible world, and a means to distill that experience into works that are evocative and emotive.

He is influenced by Turner and Hockney.

During the past two decades he has exhibited paintings at the Royal Watercolour Society and the New English Art Club in London.


My personal art practice rotates around the notion of change and the processes involved in change. My current work reflects an ongoing interest in cognition, specifically in the moments before language begins its dialogue – when things are in flux, and the mind has to make up its own mind to create meaning. 


Rebecca has been fine art trained at Philadelphia College of Art, and teacher trained at Reading University and has a Masters in Education at UEA. After years of teaching, retired and now producing even more art and craft, some of which is represented here. Commissions are taken, but work comes most naturally from interacting spontaneously with the natural world.


My paintings are visual explorations encompassing colour, composition and collaged materials. I often produce three to five abstract works simultaneously in a series. Working thematically, concepts are woven through the body of my work influenced by my interest in the mundane: architectural shapes, hand rails, roof lines, steps, railings, clutter of sheds. I am drawn to the inter-relationship of lines, shapes, patterns, positive and negative space. 


As a student Olga explored Freud’s theories on the relationship between dreams and the subconscious. Her master thesis was based on Carl Jung’s theory on the individuation processes using the circular symbols known as Mandala, which led her to years of travel and two decades of in-depth exploration of the mind, religion and Tibetan iconography. Driven by art since childhood, Olga began formal art education in 1995. She holds MFA in stone lithography. Olga’s relentless returning to the theme of cyclical nature of life and death, runs in parallel to personal exploration of Jung’s depth psychology, alchemy, dreams and mythology.



“Nickie Holford grew up in London, moving first to Suffolk in the late 90s before settling around seven years ago in East Norfolk, where she’s currently based.

She’s inspired by the local seaside and coastal areas and artists who demonstrate a bold use of colour or the sublime portrayal of light within a painting continue to influence Nickie in her work.

Developing her portraiture skills is a project in progress: attempting to explore and capture the range of human feelings from love and joy to loss, and endeavouring to create a connection between herself and the viewer.”



Shane’s unique ‘heat-press collage’ technique creates art combining photography, ink work, drawing, digital imaging, and hands-on collage techniques. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and tells an imaginative story, invoking dream like interpretations, often incorporating the Norfolk landscape.

A mix of high and low tech and organic artistry, that makes contemporary collage artworks that are inspired yet accessible.



After graduation in 2004 Kimberley was awarded a five-year fellowship with DAT. Where she begun to refine her skills, knowledge and experience across a variety of mediums, exhibiting work in and around London, Wales and across Europe while also completing private and public commissions/collaboration/educational programs.

In 2021, she moved with her family to the Norfolk coast and now teaches Art for various organisations while developing her mixed media artworks. Playing with texture and mark making her work examines the narrative of outsiders, a child-like curiosity/perception of those who do not fit into the norms of current culture/ideals/values.



Paul Clarke is a plein air painter based in Norwich, whose subject matter is wide ranging from rural landscapes based in Norfolk/Suffolk, to gritty nocturnal paintings in urban settings, and portraiture.  He is keen on exploring textures contained, for example, in weathered buildings or ageing machinery that grow old gracefully. 



Like many, having not dabbled since university, I have returned to painting. I am exploring techniques and subjects, I have not settled on a particular style or method – or found my creative voice! My current work is made by applying thin layers on textured paper. I illustrate the transient state of water and weather, often contrasting with solid man-made or natural features. Predominantly, my paintings are landscapes, striped down to elemental, block imagery with a similar affect to screen printing, though these are one-off originals. I also work as an architectural designer with over 25 years experience.

ChalksideDesign – Etsy UK


“Emma Binns, a Fine Art graduate from Norwich University of the Arts (2019), seamlessly integrates her artistic finesse with a professional commitment to the NHS Mortuary. A versatile artist, Binns skillfully merges paintings and illustration to craft abstract worlds with figurative nuances. Her artwork navigates a spectrum, employing monotone freehand illustrations alongside vibrant, luminescent acrylics. With an adept touch, Binns draws inspiration from diverse sources, weaving human anatomy, microscopic imagery, and nature into her compelling compositions. Influenced by luminaries such as Luke Chueh, Frida Kahlo, and Glenn Brown, Binns’s work reflects both sophistication and innovation”.



I am based in Raveningham, Norfolk. Inspired by our wonderful landscapes. My sculptures are figurative reflecting human emotion.


Born in London, I always drew and painted. My formal training began at Sir John Cass School of Art, then later continued at Brighton University. I have lived in the Far East and have travelled widely, camera in hand, and have a large portfolio of photographs. As a painter, I work mainly in oil, using a palette knife to build up colour and texture. My drawings are worked in a highly detailed style, and I also use collage. I am interested in natural forms, and man-made structures within the landscape. I have exhibited in East Sussex, Suffolk and Norwich.



I’m originally from Kent but live in Norwich now.. I’ve designed fabric for Liberty of London, book covers for Faber. beer can design for Iron Pier Brewery.

I paint. print and draw and have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad.

I’ve been involved in lots of collaborative projects and get invited to do “Art on a Postcard in London” for the past 7 years.



Kevin is a Norfolk-based graphic designer and photographer. He uses the photographic technique Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) to ‘paint’ the landscape before him with his camera.

Using ICM allows Kevin to capture an impressionistic and expressionistic view of the landscape or seascape; not only the physical characteristics but also as he moves his camera he tries to tell the story of the essence and emotion of what he sees, hears and feels whilst taking each photograph.



I love colour and texture. I love the beauty of nature and believe colours affect our feelings and mood and has the ability to lift us. When I paint I want to create beauty. I want to look and not just glance but to be able to go back again and again and see new things and beauty that I had not noticed before. It is beyond explanation the love which I feel and put into my work and the joy I feel when someone takes one of my paintings home with them because they love it too. I love every aspect of art in it’s many forms. I love nature and believe in eating and living as organically as possible. I work in acrylic – mixed mediums – ink – alcohol ink – watercolour and love experimenting.



I gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2002 and now create bright and bold lino prints. 

I have a small garden studio, which has fantastic light but is a bit chilly in the winter, so I mostly set myself up at the dining table this time of year. I hand pull most of my prints, although do have a small Victorian book press which is handy for more tricky pieces. 

I am influenced by nature – much of my work includes animals, plants and wildlife. I have a little black cat, who is a constant source of inspiration! 



Cliff Leftwich aged 68, a self taught artist mainly working in oils on canvas and board.

Taking inspiration from old masters and classic paintings, adding my own modern references from culture.


“An exciting emerging artist whose colourful and vibrant palette creates art which brings a wow factor and a dose of happiness to any home…”
Specialising in floral, botanical and nature inspired art painted in my studios on the North Norfolk coast and in Harrogate.
My love for colour and pattern, developed and honed over the last 20 years in my previous career as a home stylist and interior designer, is reflected in all my art. Now as a full time artist I am delighted to have my work in galleries and in the homes and
workplaces of many happy clients.



I am an artist based in Norwich. I have studied at Norwich University of the Arts receiving both my BA and MA in Fine Art there. My creative practice is heavily influenced by Pop Culture and Feminism. I produce mostly a collection of drawings and paintings that explore how female representation has evolved through Pop Culture. My most recent series and on-going Punkettes of Power is a unique stage in my practice, as these paintings do not use any recognisable figures. These hand painted portraits are designed to be striking, with a limited colour palette and comic-book like aesthetic. I propose to exhibit between four to eight paintings (A2 in size and depending on space) with a collection of drawings and prints also available.


Loukia -Lucy- Kyriakidou is a freelance artist working in the video games industry and her love of games, comics and animation is evident in her work. She loves experimenting and her art is very diverse, but always focused on dynamic movement and ethereal flowing elements. Most recently, she got to re-imagine Mickey Mouse for Disney’s latest game that got released on their 100 year anniversary.



I am a painter of anything colourful. I paint animals and sold one of my cats last year at the Spring Art Show. I also do abstracts where I convey the emotion I am experiencing with oil paint on board. 

I have been working on an oracle deck of cards for the last 2 years, so my instagram has been a little clandestine. These are oil on paper

Oil paint is my preferred medium because the colours are so true, and during 2020 I started working with acrylics, so I combine the two for interesting results.



I am a Mixed Media artist from Norfolk. I find inspiration for my paintings in the atmospheric landscape of the East Anglian countryside, as well as my favourite haunts of Cornwall and The Peak District. I am frequently drawn to enchanting coastal regions. My expressive style explores the dramatic contrast and harmony between land, sea and sky. Working in a variety of media, I predominantly paint in Acrylic, creating texture by layering materials, such as plaster, sand and marble dust.
My paintings evolve from sketchbook studies, memory and imagination.



I am a Norfolk artist who enjoys painting en plain air with oils or ink and watercolour. I often apply the oils with palette knives to give more texture. I also work on Scratchboard which is much more precise. I am inspired by beautiful landscapes especially with water, but also enjoy painting street scenes. I have exhibited with several groups and am a past Chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle. I have won a Judges Commendation at
Paintout Norfolk. Find me on Facebook or Instagram Eleanor.alison.artist.


Painting brings me joy, time for reflection and an opportunity to translate the beautiful and wondrous
world we live in to a painted surface. When I paint, I lose track of time and become lost in the exploration of surface, texture, space and colour as I combine it with my feelings of memory, time and location. I hope you find my work engages you in the same
way, as a viewer, and ultimately brings you pleasure and wonder too.


Mary Reynolds has been practicing art for twelve years and has exhibited widely in East Anglia. Energised by life around her she gains her inspiration from working en plein air in Norwich and beyond, in a wrap of luminosity . Some of her most popular pieces have been monochromatic, when there is much to be told and where lies dynamism ( extrinsic and intrinsic ). Most challenging of all, is the task of giving the subject instrumental colour providing the impression of rhythm and vigour (see the work of Artist Ferdinand Leger 1881-1955, a member of the Futurist Movement ).


In 1963 whilst in hospital I became bored and started to sketch various animals from a book. This prompted nurses to bring in photos of their pets for me to draw. It was here that I met my wife to be and this year will be our 60th wedding anniversary.

Over the years I probably produced only two paintings a year I am completely self taught. However I was able to retire at the age of 56 and began to concentrate on my art work. I am strictly amateur and have given a number of my paintings away.

I will paint anything and everything in all mediums.