This Years Artists!

Alex Boardman

I study from Life. Painting en plein air, mainly on the seashore in Cromer, as well as Castle Acre and other places I may visit. Working quickly in oils, I deal with the ever-changing landscape in front of me. Self portraits have always been an important part of my work and study in the mirror is a continuum.

John Sparks

John Sparks is a realist oil painter, based in Norwich. John’s intimate and introspective works deal with themes of transformation and introspection. Primarily using oil on canvas board, he creates images with a sense of yearning that is almost darkly nostalgic. With the innate instinct of a great cinematographer, his muted and restrained colour palettes allow space for an inclination toward existential contemplation.

Elizabeth Reed

Elizabeth Reed lives in Wymondham, Norfolk and has exhibited her work widely throughout East Anglia, London and the Home Counties with forthcoming exhibitions this year in Norwich. She enjoys painting in acrylics, watercolours and oils. Her most recent works are landscapes paintings on canvas, experimenting with translucent acrylics.

Dan Brown

Daniel Brown is a fine artist with experience in graphic design and digital art. His work attempts to capture moments of an unseen world, aiming to convey the majesty of the sub atomic. Exploring concepts of time, the absurdity of reality, dimensions and the big one…. consciousness. A love of urban art and symbolism has been a great influence in Daniel’s work, resulting in a varied and arresting style. “The aesthetic is very important but the style comes second to the concept.”

Rebecca Allen

I am an illustrator and print maker, based in Norwich. My work is fun and colourful and I work a lot with spray paint. I am very much self taught, although I did go to Art School to study Jewellery/ silversmithing.


Largely self-taught landscape and semi abstract artist inspired by Suffolk countryside that surrounds me and from travels further afield, in particular the Highlands of Scotland and The Outer Hebrides. I’m particularly drawn to the dramatic lines and strong shapes formed by shifts in light. It is the play of light that inspires me to paint. My work acts as a visual diary, in particular walks that I have taken. Smaller works in ink, acrylic and other media are formed and they, along with memories, are developed into larger works in oil on canvas enabling me to explore further colour, shape and abstraction.

Emma Arnold

Arnold’s work is mostly Acrylic portraiture.She concentrates on capturing the hidden emotion which is held behind the eyes and is often drawn towards Musicians and African portraits.
Arnold’s love of music has led her to having the opportunity to photograph large scale music festivals as well as private intimate shows.
Having completed a Fine Art Degree and an Arts and Wellbeing Degree her passion lies in the promotion of Positive Wellbeing and is currently curating her 2nd Charity Art Auction for MIND ( Mental Health Charity)


Claire Oxley’s work is distinctive by its colour intensity and rhythmic mark making. Taking inspiration from her surrounding landscape, her starting point is often the passing seasons and wide, changing skies of her East Anglian home. ‘I paintings that chart and describe the rhythms, seasons, skies, seas and fields and foliage of East Anglia; landscapes of energy and flux. Unexpected colour combinations are intended to inspire, and bring energy to interior spaces.’
She is, above everything, a composer of colour.
Claire lives in Norwich, Norfolk, and studied at the Norwich School of Art, and the Universities of Lancaster and Oxford.


I have been a regular exhibitor at the Spring Art Show over the years and always enjoy the show. I tend to experiment with the joys of lots of different styles and would say my style is constantly evolving. My plan for this years show is to exhibit my recent “Abstract Fantasy” works which are paintings that really excite me at the moment.


In her emotive oil on canvas paintings, Bella Bigsby combines tangible elements of the world around her with an imagined nature. She draws on her memories of home, feelings for landscape and a love of myth and fairytale.
Animals and birds that have a rich folkloric tradition are particularly intriguing to her as they are infused with layers of human history as well as their own unknowable narratives.
Having lived and worked in Oakland, California for many years, Bella recently relocated back to her native home of Norfolk, England.


Full time artist, Middle aged English chap living in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. I started to experiment with stencils and spray-paint. Progressing onto collage work, the result over the last few years is over 300 artworks, including quite a few commissions. I have sold internationally to America, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Australia, France, Germany and Switzerland. I now mainly create collage piece’s using British stamps.


Lesley Williams works in an expressive style moving between observational and abstract. Inspiration comes from an ever changing garden and the landscapes of the North Norfolk coast.
Working mainly in oil or acrylic, paintings are started or completed ‘en plein air’ or later in the studio using sketches and notes of colour, mood and emotion. Other works are developed from an initial underpainting used to cover the white of the canvas, always aiming to evoke a response to atmosphere and sense of place.


Investigating and recreating the many multiple persona’s that we, as humans must develop in order to interact with each other and the world around us. Mixing elements of personal history, text, found objects that resonate a story, a past. Combining this again with traditional portrait elements that contain layers of material, mark making and colour.



Brian Korteling is a visual artist and curator based in Norwich, Norfolk. His work examines interpretations of reality, often distorting and dissecting the visual field in the process. He has received awards for both 3D work and painting and has curated many shows in and around Norwich.


I’m an amateur artist who started up again 5 years ago after a 25 year hiatus. My work involves taking local landscapes or landmarks and giving them a Sci Fi twist. Also draw commissions….


Rory McShane is a Norfolk based potter, painter and printmaker. Recently he has been making ceramic vessels using clay dug from the ditch next to his house. He uses slip glazes and iron oxide to make images echoing the landscape from which the forms were made.


A figurative artist, Elizabeth Monahan’s paintings and drawings are entirely generated from watching and recording human interaction. They are a folding of life into work that draws deeply on people’s connection with each other and their surroundings, and attempt to express the ambiguous nature of intimacy, emotion and our place in the world. Using a synthesis of stimuli – photography, sketchbook drawings and memories of lived experience – the images are about our ever-shifting connection with others and the endless intricacies of looking and being looked at.


Bungay artist Paul Zawadzki is inspired by a love of the Waveney Valley and the uncompromising coastline at Covehithe and Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast. Currently doing an MA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, Paul mainly paints in oils on canvas, board or sheet metal, and is investigating the use of natural materials like earth and rust in his work in order to capture the texture and spirit of the landscape. With a love of spontaneity, he enthusiastically embraces the ‘happy accident’, using dripping, blotting and splashing paint while retaining an element of traditional landscape painting.


I am a Mixed Media artist from Norfolk. I find inspiration for my paintings in the landscape and wildlife of the East Anglian countryside, as well as my favourite haunts of Cornwall and The Peak District, bringing variety to my palette. I am frequently drawn to enchanting coastal regions.
My expressive style explores the dramatic contrast and harmony between land, sea and sky. Working in a variety of media, I predominantly paint in Acrylic, combining other elements such as gesso, sand and ink to create atmosphere and texture in my paintings, which evolve from sketchbook studies, memory and imagination.


“Teather’s works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.”
Neil Powell, Academic & writer for Wall Street International


During the covid years the wild plants and grasses found in the nearby hedgerows and roadsides became my inspiration. These paintings in acrylic on canvas are gestural and textural, produced almost exclusively with the aid of palette knives and other mark making objects. They are the result of time spent studying, photographing and sketching the changing forms and colours of these humble, wild and native plants throughout the year. Thriving on uncultivated land, their simple and complex designs, their interaction with rain, sun and wind make them an absorbing subject.


I work with mixed media exploring and discovering ways to express thoughts and ideas often arising from the subconscious but influenced by the changing and challenging world around me. I am often led by the process, layering with texture, adding and subtracting in a call and respond practice and I find there is some alchemy involved when the work takes over and evolves. Presently I am thinking about dislocation and how I feel this is impacting both emotionally and in a much wider sense. I am a member of LAC, have a studio in the centre of Norwich and exhibit sell my work.


I work in a variety of media, moving image, print, paint, digital, but always exploring the relationship between the parts that make up a piece. How colour, tone, and material interact during the making process, and how chance affects the finished work.


I did a foundation course at Portsmouth College of Art, followed by a Fine Art sculpture degree at Norwich School of Art back in the 70s. I moved to Southern Ireland where I taught part time and painted commissioned pieces. Life then took over with family and a change of career as a State registered nurse. Now in my 60s I have recently started painting again and during lockdown entered various online art challenges and entered the King Lear prizes competition where I won in my category.


Having worked in theatre all my professional life, I decided to spend more time exploring art, with collage being a recent interest. I took up life drawing and portraiture several years ago, and have accumulated many drawings over the years. This recent work is based on torn-up life drawings (most being in pastel) which I am using to create new images, enhancing them with other media and methods. Whilst it was not the original intention, I like to see this as emblematic of recycling – which more and more is an important part of our lives.


Rachel has been a practicing artist since gaining a BA Fine Art in 1990 from Central St Martins School of Art . Rachel makes drawings and original prints that connect with life and nature, representing a chance glimpse of an animal in the wild or using portraiture to add a suggested narrative. Creating a balance of work which is often wildlife inspired and work based on the female figure informed by life experiences.


I was graduated as a physicist and had a scientific career. Being a scientist requires imagination and creativity, which helped me to get a step into the world of art. I am inspired by photography as a medium of self-expression. In particularly what works for me is a possibility of combining digital painting and photography followed by a canvas presentation as a final touch. Art creating process for me is mindfulness, I hope it comes across in my pictures.


I’m a printmaker from Norwich, creating bold lino prints inspired by wildlife and the natural world. I gained my BA in fine art sculpture in 2002, but since moving to Norfolk in 2008 have been exploring and developing my printmaking skills. I enjoy the focus required for lino cutting, and find I can get lost in the calm of it. My work is simple but striking, using clean lines to capture the essence of my subjects


I graduated from the Norwich University of the Arts with a B.A. degree in Visual Studies. My art form is experimental and my ideas come from the making process. I use mixed media and focusing on the discarded and the found object. I transform and manipulate the new form to change its context. In the Covid lockdown I used my imagination in the form of escapism that took me from the dark side of the pandemic to produce a kaleidoscope of colour found in the Mediterranean Sea. I was inspired by the edible sea urchin – Paracentrotus Lividus. I transposed the assorted plastic to create a carnival of colour, textures and surfaces in the form of a abstract collage.


Living and working under the big skies of the Cambridgeshire fens, I draw inspiration from the world around me including rural and built environments. My paintings are derived from plein-air studies which I develop back in my home studio, adding colour to draw on the experience of being in a particular landscape. I’m excited by bold colour, tangy neons and contrasts. I create work using acrylic, oil, spray paint, emulsion, pencil and collage. My paintings are without figures but show traces of human presence or impact. I hope to capture a moment of stillness or contemplation in a landscape.


I have been interested in what is happening around me from previously my house the mundane and always my garden which has been a godsend through the pandemic-the trees, the plants. Bushes, flowers, from walks too…. the occasional trips to the sea. The  macro and the micro. I use a range of materials this time mainly oil paints, some consider old fashioned, I love them. The artist Leslie Davenport said to us you should paint or draw every day of your life.{whatever the weather] I try to do that.


After training at the Curwen Print Study Centre, I worked there as a tutor for ten years.
I enjoy the physicality of the printmaking process and exploring the variety of marks that can be made with a few simple tools. This has enabled me to develop my own unique visual language to capture the spirit of the Norfolk countryside.
I am a regular participant in Norfolk Open Studios. My work has been selected for exhibition in the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers ‘Masters Relief’ show, in the Holt Festival Art prize and has recently featured in the Last Wine Bar, Norwich.


French Artist… now British Artist from 1998!
Illustration, drawings, using mixed media.
Now digital Art: Manipulation of my own drawings and photography.


I am a 2019 Fine Art Graduate from the Norwich University of the Arts – currently working for the NHS as a Pharmacy Receptionist. The core to my practice engages with Mental Health and Wellbeing. I strive to aid others through their personal battles by channelling this into creative artworks. Nature, animals, biology, fiction, and the environment among other relevant topics feature within my artwork. I have a passion for drawing, painting and experimenting with different mediums.
I hope to connect with you in some way through my artwork.


No stranger to the Forum, having exhibited on many occasions including the Norfolk Open Studios Taster Exhibition since 2009. I am, once again, displaying my bold and colourful acrylic artwork in the Spring Art Show. As an Abstract Expressionist I continue to be influenced by nature to produce vibrant, rich paintings both large and small, on a journey that not only explores the imagination but communicates thoughts and ideas aimed at evoking positive emotions in the viewer. I look forward to sharing my journey with everyone.


Taking inspiration from nature and the environment enables me to create a very strong mood while communicating a sense of atmosphere. My work is finely crafted, with a detailed knowledge of the processes that I use.
Engaging with nature has helped with my wellbeing and to overcome life’s challenges. I continue to exhibit widely. Private and public collections including The Creasey Collection of Contemporary Art have purchased my work. I am a prize winner in printmaking. I studied art at Portsmouth polytechnic taking further courses in printmaking at Central St Martins & London College of printing.


Mainly work in pastels
Born and brought up in East London a post war baby


Inspired by walking meditations along the East Anglia coastline, I attempt to interpret the dramatic landscape in oil paint. After initial, sometimes quite detailed pen and ink or watercolour sketchbook beginnings. I use a technique of slowly building up layers of paint creating tension and contrasts in colour. I grew up in Australia by the sea, studied and worked in Interior Design for twenty years in Sydney, London and Perth before further studying BA (Hons) Illustration and MA in Fine and Applied arts practice.In 2021 and 2019, I was delighted to be shortlisted for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize, Holt.


I am an artist working in rural Norfolk. I mostly paint contemporary watercolour landscapes, usually based firmly in the here and now. I am fascinated with the layering of watercolour’s translucent pigments and trying to produce the perfect trinity of composition, light and colour.
Recent series have been an ‘Ode to Broadland’ – documenting the Norfolk Broads in the 21st century, and Pandemic walks – logging the walks my friends did during the lockdowns, often discovering the landscape around them for the first time.


Working in graphic design and mostly digital commercial illustration for some 20 years, I have realised my ambitions to open a small studio/gallery and to finally pursue my own creative journey working in a range of mediums and feeling free to explore new avenues. My most recent work has featured on nature, whether flowers exploding in a universe, fish imagined in aquatic settings or the effect of nature and its creeping patina on surface textures. The past year’s work has gone straight to canvas without thought of the final composition or a pencilled mark to direct the piece, producing an organic but satisfying and coherent end result. Breaking free from a lifetime of set commercial briefs, I am finding this time of creative abandonment fulfilling; exhibiting and selling with invigorating compliments from the public and purchasers at Art Fair East in December 2021.

Jan Dingle

Jan Dingle is a retired printmaker who successfully sold her work through many galleries. She keeps herself creative by oil painting and pen drawing mainly plein air and enjoys being able to expandher subject range.

Susan Lynda Taylor

I love every aspect of art in its’ many forms. I love nature and believe in eating and living as organically as possible. We need to take care of our planet and each other. I hate plastic. I love colour and texture. I love the beauty of nature and believe colours affect our feelings and mood and has the ability to lift us. When I paint I want to create beauty. I want to look at something and not just glance but to be able to go back and look again and again and see new things and beauty that I had not noticed before. As human beings we can never ever hope to compete with our Creator but we can look for inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us and lose ourselves in it’s inspiration for a little while. Never be too busy to appreciate the dew on the grass.

Rachel Furze

My mixed-media abstract artwork is a reflection of my experience of the world. My work is informed by my interest in shapes, spaces, lines and patterns. I seek to provide the viewer with glimpses of the world, my world, seen perhaps from a different and unexpected perspective.
Making a painting is a delicate balance of selection and discernment. Questions arise during the practice of layering, editing and stripping back. This process-led, mixed-media response necessitates risk and chance; conversations between the emerging surface of the painting and my intuition, aiming to build a legacy, each day bringing a different iteration.

Bradley Buxton

I am pretty new to painting having started in lockdown like many others but very much enjoyed art and performance through my younger school days, I’m a performing Norfolk Musician by trade, performing all over the country, Scotland, wales & have released 19 studio albums so far !


David Hall

My work explores expressive image making, inspired by liminal and transitional states, for example between sea/water-land, dreams-waking, memory-forgetting. My creative practice embraces paint, mixed media and photography (analogue and digital), and various mark-making implements working on canvas and paper, as I intuitively search for and develop a way of working with materials that reflects the subject matter. Just as the fluctuating tides cover, wear down and reveal, so the images hide and / or reveal, perhaps exposing a lost fragment that has been painted over at some point.


Amelia Watson

I retired Christmas 2018 intending to travel the world with my husband. Then covid came along and our plans were put on hold but I needed something to find my days. I discovered watercolour painting. I had drawn with pencil and ink since schooldays but never painted. What a wonderful time to discover I actually enjoyed it . Hence my collection of animals entitled – ‘Through the eyes of…….’


Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas grew up in Snowdonia, Wales, moving to London in 1987 to study Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art, gaining a doctorate from the University of East London in 2005. Her new paintings focus on the peculiarities of the English interior. Her depictions of a densely packed room, complete with blue-painted moose’s head, are a realistic rendition of a space in the artist’s house, while the image of the family dog closely records its generally playful pose. The paintings’ brushwork and colour are brash and exuberant, but the words from Goya carry an undercurrent of unease.


Claire Cassie

My name is Claire Cassie and I am a local artist with a passion for everything art related. I have studied art for many years and have completed artwork on two sculptures for the “ Break” charity, amongst many other commissions.

I have a keen interest  in wildlife, but also enjoy painting the human figure. Very excited to be exhibiting and enjoying other art work at the SPRING ART SHOW 2022!


Ruddy Muddy

I am known for my art on muddy vans but would really like to start getting some of my more traditional art out there. In this case oil paintings.